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The Peranakans have always regarded themselves as the descendants of early Chinese immigrants who came to Malacca and other parts of Southeast Asia and thus their culture which evolved over the years was largely based upon the customs and practices of the Chinese, with minor modifications through the assimilation of local Malay customs. In particular when it came to wedding ceremonies, as well as other festive occasions the bride and groom would be dressed in ornate and intricately embroidered costumes specially made in China according to traditional Ming period designs.









Wedding ceremonies in the past lasted for 12 days. Each day was a performance of various rituals. One of the rituals was the wedding procession. “Seronee” music of the flute and gong was played throughout. The procession bearers, called “Pak-boyan”
(Malay workers) would carry elaborate brocade umbrellas, big lanterns bearing the surnames of the wedding couple and red bunting (“chye-kee”) stretched on bamboo poles, signifying good luck and prosperity.


A significant ritual is the tea ceremony whereby the bridal couple pays respect to their parents and elders. If a Peranakan themed wedding is what you wish for on your wedding day, we aim to provide exactly that with a list of our services:

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When the nyonya bride donned her voluminous ceremonial costume with its straight, broad sleeves, she was expected to strike a formal pose which required her to fold her hands in front of her, and in so doing, the intricate embroideries on her sleeves were shown to the greatest advantage. Her headdress consists of a crown of hairpins and a headband bearing figurines of the legendary 8 immortals. She is the “empress” of the day and walks, swaying in a left to right motion - a belief that this movement would ward off any clashes with the evil spirits.


The groom‘s  costume  consists of a loose tunic and an ankle-length  flowing robe, which is richly embroidered with auspicious wedding  symbols in gold thread couching.

Wedding & Events